“Platinum Group LLC is committed to assisting clients by making their systems and processes better, easier, faster, more effective and profitable without detracting or distorting, the goals, values and missions of its’ clients. We appreciate it when our clients take the time to let us know how we are doing and are proud to share some of their comments on this page.”

Daniel J. Seydel, II

“Platinum Group’s assistance to one of our subcontractors on the Cleveland H.S. project was prime. Prior to being introduced to Dan and his firm Platinum Group, the subcontractor that he served had challenges meeting project demands. However, once our project team was introduced to Platinum and learned of their role to assist emerging businesses, we recognized an immediate positive impact. Communications between the sub and our firm improved and productivity increased. It was obvious that Dan took his role to assist this small contractor seriously and he made himself available to attend progress meetings, negotiate change orders and assist with conflict resolution. There was a positive result on the project and the contractor was able to secure another major contract with a larger contractor on another school project. Services provided by the Platinum team, assisted this small contractor to build capacity and expand the business acumen of their clients.”

Jun Yun Park
Project Manager
Cleveland H.S. project



“Platinum Group LLC was hired by Stacy and Witbeck in June 2006 to perform a visual survey of the proposed City of Seattle South Lake Union Streetcar project. The survey required still and videotape documentation, identification and documentation of existing damage, and an organized report including electronic documentation and videotape. Platinum Group provided a Professional Engineer to perform the survey and I was extremely satisfied with the customer service as well as the final product. Stacy and Witbeck received a thorough, high-quality report with all the documentation necessary for us to move forward with the project. Platinum Group was responsive to the needs of Stacy and Witbeck, exceeded our expectations, and I would recommend them for future work.”

Robert Clements
Vice President
Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.