Founded in 2001 by Dan Seydel, Platinum’s focus has been on meeting the needs of small businesses. While in college, Dan worked as an intern for 4 years with a small, minority owned construction firm. Dan assisted the firm to become very profitable increasing revenues by 400% during his 4 years with the company.

Following this internship Dan started his own general construction company and became an 8(a) contractor performing projects for the Port of Seattle, the City of Seattle, City of University Place, Pierce County, King County and multiple private and commercial clients. During the years Dan operated his construction firm he became acutely aware of the challenges faced by small businesses, particularly those owned by people of color. Dan recognized that there was a lack of information, support services, and tools available to small businesses that were inherent in larger businesses. With this knowledge, and based on his experience as a small minority business owner, Dan founded Platinum Group to provide the missing information, support services and tools necessary for small firms to be successful.

Dan has pulled together a team of diverse small business owners in a variety of fields including:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • legal services
  • insurance
  • construction estimating
  • drafting-BIM
  • business development
  • political advocacy
  • leadership and executive training

This talented, knowledgeable and skilled group is committed to assisting small businesses to thrive (and not just survive), becoming critical members of the economic base.  This team is available to Platinum on an as needed basis thus, keeping cost low but providing a plethora of services critical to business growth.

In 2007 Karen Primeau joined the Platinum Group as the operations manager bringing nearly 30 years of experience working with small businesses and workforce development programs in the public agency arena.  Karen has specific experience in developing training programs to engage public employees as partners in supporting inclusion efforts as well as training small businesses to develop working business plans and respond to RFPs/RFQs, etc.



A chemical element, non corrosive, mixes well with other elements and incorporates other elements well, it remains bright and shiny under extreme conditions but it is soft and ductile and flexible.
Platinum is used as a catalyst in electricity.This definition accurately describes the impact and influence that Platinum Group LLC has on a client’s business.